Ahh I’m not going to the party, I don’t even know where the dude lives

Here is me looking like a goober next to a picture of me for Le Keux Vintage Salon ✨😄💟 #modelling #vintagehair #holla

Les Beehive – Dita Von Teese by Sheryl Nields


– and Miss Bettie Page –

Went out shopping today and the leopard print was calling my name ~
The dress was lush but sadly a tad bit too expensive for me, but I bought the trousers as they are super cute and only £10! I plan on wearing it with my leopard print crop top for major leopard vibes ✨


Alternative Model http://lingerie-pinup.blogspot.com/


hes such a dork

i wanna sit on his dick


Anonymous said: Haiiiiiii <3 I absolutely love your bloggy =D.



Should I or should I not go to a party tonight where I know barely anyone and the people I do know are only acquaintances??? Like I know them enough to say hello but never really had a conversation with them. I kinda wanna go but I’m a shy fucker and it freaks me out to go places where I know nobody.


1940s showgirls 

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