Significance levels on high. 

Same! We are all so confused I feel like we need a meeting to sort this out or something

Anna Nicole Smith posing for GUESS, 1992.


vogue paris november 1971

Bluebell Girls chorus dancer checking her costume in the dressing room of the Stardust hotel & casino before a performance, Las Vegas, by Ralph Crane, 1959 (x)
waterwarp I’m glad but sad at the same time as we as both so confused 😩eyesthatglow This is what I worry about, I wish I could just skip this whole part tbh
So awesome I loved it so much! I can so see you being one of the babes that everyone draws 💕

For serious tho how the hell do you get with girls and know that they are into girls themselves, it is so fricking confusing and I am such a newbie to all of this. I have no idea how to get into relationships with boys let alone girls. Dating and flirting is so damn confusing


Thierry Mugler

Too true. If I’m honest I’d rather go out with a girl than a boy but I have no idea how I would approach a girl in a romantic way or how to tell if they swung that way tbh 😩

I just agreed to meet the dude who was chatting me up on messenger cause my mum convinced me too, oh god. He seems nice but his pictures look ehh. I feel mean for saying that but if I’m not attracted to him physically then???? Idk my mum says to give him a chance but blergh I’m useless at this sort of thing



This dude started chatting to me on Facebook but its not really a conversation its just him shooting me a series of questions. Like a questionnaire but with some lol’s thrown in





Putting on makeup is such a spiritual experience I watch myself go from a 3 to a 9 right in front of my mirror I love it

no, if you are putting on makeup, I don’t care who you are or what you look like, you go from about a 10 to 1

keep talking shit you gonna go from a basic ass 2 to a 6-feet-under